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 Vizualizati primul subiect

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PostSubject: Vizualizati primul subiect   Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:54 pm


- All users who want to play in our league, must create a forum account in order to confirm their participation. Players without a forum account are not allowed to play official matches.

- Each player must always have access to a unique forum account! Clones (multiple accounts controlled by the same person) and fakes (playing with false nicknames) are strictly forbidden!

- Players are allowed to change their nickname only one time per season. In order to change your nickname, you must post it on your team's lineup topic or contact FRH's Board of Administration!


- A Captain is the owner of a team. The maximum number of Captains in a team is limited to – 1 –.

- The maximum amount of Co-Captains is – 1 – . A Co-Captain has the following additional rights that a regular player has not: maintaining the line-up.

- If a Captain goes inactive and the team needs a temporary Co-Captain or a Captain wants to assign the captaincy to another person, then they will have to ask a RHSL STAFF, if they allow it or not.

- A team has to consist at least of – 4 – players. The maximum allowed number of players is – 10 –. The total amount of the players can be edited at any time.

- The only lineup which is accepted in our league, is the official forum lineup in the relevant topic. The lineup has to be maintained the entire season. All cuts and signs of players must be reported in the relevant topic.

- The listed name in this topic is the obligatory name the player has to use in-game (with an exception for very similar nicknames).

- Teams are not allowed to change their team name during the running season. Obs: Team name change is allowed to a team replacing a disbanded one.


- Player transfers have to be posted in the team’s lineup topic with a new replay.

- Please make use of the following pattern:
» Addition: + player name (Nationality)
» Removal: – player name

- There are two separate transfer windows:
» Start of the season - Start of the 3rd matchday
» Mid-season break

- Transfers can only be made during those intervals, with the exception of free players (players who had no team in the running season), who can join a team at any time.

- Someone that plays for a team and leaves it outside the transfer window is not allowed to play for another team until the next transfer window opens, but is allowed to rejoin the same team.

- An exception will be made for players that were part of a team, but were not used in any official matches. They can leave the current team and join another one once benefiting of this rule.

- A new player needs to be added to the lineup -15 - minutes before of the regular or arranged match time (common agreement or deadline).

- All player additions must be confirmed in the forum lineup topic by the added player himself. Without a confirmation of the player, he is not allowed to play for the relevant team. Obs: Using a player without foregoing confirmation could bring you a Defloss.

- Player can cut himself from a team whenever they want.


- Time Limit: 10 minutes
- Score Limit: None
- Halves: 2
- Overtime: None
- Stadium: Kun Official
- Nickname: must be identical to the one registered in team's lineup topic
- Substitutions: after a goal has been scored or at halftime
- Additional info: goals scored right as the regular time expires (10:00) will not be considered valid!

- If a team is not ready to play with – 4 – players within 15 minutes, the match is being judged as a Defloss. All matches must start in 4on4 mode. Obs: It applies for the postponed matches that are played at the common agreement/deadline as well.

- If a player drops during the running match, it is not allowed to continue in 4on3 or 3on3 mode. They will have to find another player. If a player drops from the running match and you have no substitute. You can ask the opponent team to postpone that half / game. Depends on when the player drops.


- To postpone a match (change the kick-off date and time), a so called “Wildcard” is necessary. In order, to make use of it, you have to open a topic in the relevant forum section.

» Amount of wildcards per season (League): – 6 –
» Amount of wildcards per season (Cup): – 3 –HOST

- Every player is liable for his own performance during a match and should care for a trouble-free match procedure. A league match can only be stopped completely if all players in the room have performance problems (for example high pings). In such a case, the teams are allowed to stop the match to move to another host. If the teams are struggling to find a suitable host, the match can be delayed to a later point of time on the match day.

- If a user has massive ping problems, he has to notify the other players and the team is allowed to pause the match. The lagging user is allowed to reconnect to the room and keep playing. If the player is not able to end the running half because of massive ping problems, his team needs the approval of the opponent team for a substitution. Please show fair play in such a case!

- Please follow the pattern in the initial posts of the fixture's topic and fill in the required data.

- All teams are obliged to support the transmission of the result in the forum. At least one player of each team has to record the complete match. The entire match media needs to be reported to the relevant forum topic.

- The entire match media has to be reported within -24- hours after the regular kick-off time. Postponed matches must be reported before 19:00 CET (20:00 EET) the day after the deadline. Obs: If not, the match is going to be counted as a double Defloss.

- If a replay or an important part of the required match media is missing, the match should be replayed or it will be validated based on other evidences.
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Vizualizati primul subiect
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